The Green Chemistry Belt

The sustainable transport and utilization of bio-based raw materials along the Green Chemistry Belt at the Danube river offers novel possibilities to generate value in an efficient and sustainable manner along the supply chain of the chemical industry. Straubing as a hotspot of green chemistry will be the link between the Green Chemistry Belt and the chemical industry in the Rhine area by providing essential platform chemicals.

Straubing -the Green Chemistry Port

Green Logistics are a determinant factor for sustainability of supply chains. In our Green Chemistry Port renewable raw materials can be delivered efficiently and in a sustainable manner either from the surrounding Lower Bavarian Gäuboden and the Bavarian Forest, or from the fertile alluvial deposits of the European Danube area. The Green Chemistry Port, where the rapeseed oil production plant of ADM Spyck GmbH and the bioethanol demonstration plant of Clariant are located, offers additional sites for future industrial production plants.

The BioCubator

The BioCubator and Business Startup Centre at Straubing´s Green Chemistry Port offers attractive laboratory, office and technology facilities for green chemistry startups. The BioCampus Straubing GmbH, which is located in the BioCubator, manages a regional Business Cluster of Renewable Raw Materials, which is acting as a platform for interaction and knowledge exchange between companies, local authorities and scientific institutions. Straubing – Region of Renewable Raw Materials offers a scientific knowledge hub in green chemistry and related fields with high national and international reputation. The Competence Center for Renewable Raw Materials is formed by the Straubing Center of Science (WZS) including the Fraunhofer project group BioCAT, the Technology and Support Center (TFZ) and the central marketing agency C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V.